Business planning and analysis 2013

A Senior Business Analyst, along with a Senior Executive from our home office, will first conduct a comprehensive analysis of your business. This is a necessary first step before embarking upon any consulting engagement. The purpose is to discover problems, determine the best solutions and prioritize the ones that can provide you with the most significant return on investment.

Business planning and analysis 2013

Sharing Informal Business Thoughts, Advice, and Experiences Top Business Benefits and Reasons For SharePoint Upgrades by Richard Harbridge on October 1, SharePoint preview has been out for some time now and we are starting to see it come up in planning, envisioning, road mapping and other strategic discussions with clients on a more regular basis.

I have been discussing this with people on an almost daily basis. So why do people upgrade? Internally we are always in a cycle of doing more with less. Often upgrades provide many ways to do things in an optimized or more efficient way which supports the increasing demand placed on IT.

Maintaining old versions of a technology like SharePoint can be challenging. Finding people who have experience or knowledge of SharePoint and want to work with it is extremely difficult now not only because there were less SharePoint experts back then, but mainly because experienced professionals want to work with the latest versions.

Often upgrades especially SharePoint ones provide increased support for standards or newer technologies. In the consumer marketplace we have a plethora of options and increasing expectations for technology user experience and ease of use. This is putting considerable pressure on IT to be more responsive and to accelerate upgrade cycles internally to ensure they have competitive offerings and usability.

This is especially made evident when leaders within organizations go around IT and buy into SaaS or alternative technologies that may or may not be initially sanctioned by enterprise IT.

Mobile, tablet, and the pressure for remote device support are all primarily driven by the increased comfort and reliance of these tools in the consumer world.

Why are people planning on upgrading to SharePoint ? No one is going to upgrade to SharePoint for the new Geo-location field or a minor feature change.

But there are some benefits that businesses believe they will realize by upgrading sooner, rather than later. The top reasons I hear regularly for why businesses are really considering upgrading to SharePoint and are planning for it now follow: These are the little things that begin building up very quickly.

For some organizations the potential increase in adoption and productivity due to easier drag and drop, simpler sharing of content and general UI improvements may be a strong driver for encouraging a partial upgrade of generalized team sites or content. Beyond these basic end user improvements like drag and drop when you combine the following it also can add up to a strong motivation for an enterprise upgrade or farm.

Simpler sharing and permissions management for sites this is a huge potential benefit and is something you should really look into.

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Embedded and intuitive social capabilities for personal recall, and social sharing. Improved task management and automatic configurable task rollup and aggregation across SharePoint, Exchange, Project Server etc. Themes and a more accessible design experience for many developers or end users.

There are a plethora of interesting changes that support the editing, and content management experience. For many organizations that are evaluating enterprise 2. We have worked with Newsgator extensively and there will still be a need for third party improvements on top of the improved SharePoint model, but even without these tools it supplies a fairly complete social experience OOTB.

When you add up the new improvements I believe this richer feature set and improved capability can stand on its own as a reason to upgrade for some organizations and in fact has been a motivator for a few I have spoken with.

This new search core makes it so much easier to use the OOTB search experience from an end user perspective. Here are a few spotlights by no means a complete list of why the new Search is just so much better, and a truly exciting enhanced capability set.

business planning and analysis 2013

The feature that allows you to see as you type your search — or after you search and are reviewing the results what you have searched for and selected previously is such a simple but impactful feature.

For recall scenarios it will have a significant positive impact. Content by search allows a user still a technical one very easily build the query they want and see the results as they build it.

Technical Benefits This is typically not a significant a driver for many implementations to upgrade. That is not always the case though and sometimes it can be enough of a driver for an organization that appreciates or understands the technical benefits they will realize by upgrading.

Based on technical changes or factors like this the organization may be able to provide reasoning and benefits for upgrading that reduce technical limitations, or provide IT cost savings. Solution Benefits Depending on the solutions you have built and offer in your SharePoint implementation certain capabilities may be extremely important to you.

Here are a few minor examples that may be important based on how you are using SharePoint.


New Document Set features may be important if you are heavily leveraging this feature. If your organization believes that their eDiscovery needs can be met for exchange, file share content and SharePoint and is considering alternatives this might be a strong motivator for evaluating an upgrade.

Organizations that support multiple languages may find the improvements to variations and automatic translation to be a driver for upgrading.A world traveler who speaks ten languages, British linguist Richard Lewis decided he was qualified to plot the world's cultures on a chart.

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Master business modeling and analysis techniques with Microsoft Excel , and transform data into bottom-line results. Microsoft Excel Data Analysis and Business Modeling + Chapter Using Solver for financial planning ; Chapter Using Solver to rate sports teams ; Chapter Warehouse location and the GRG Multistart and.

FP&A Guides Your Roadmap to the Future of Finance Building an Integrated Business Planning Capability Underwritten by Anaplan. Financial planning and analysis plays a unique role in the organization, facilitating the deployment of capital to its highest use among internal and external constituents.

This guide examines integrated planning.

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