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The railroad planned to make Helper a freight terminal after the rail lines were changed from narrow to standard gauge. The changeover process began in and was completed in It was said that Butch Cassidy later came back to Helper for occasional visits. It was first established inwith Teancum Pratt being one of the first settlers.

English helper website

It was made a ward in The first amenities offered the few settlers and numerous railroad workers included three saloons, one grocery store, and one clothing establishment.

A school was built in Industrial expansion, coal mining, and railroading required a great amount of unskilled labor. In the railroad's passenger department established an immigration bureau to advertise Utah Territory.

This move coincided with the influx of the numerous immigrants from southern and eastern Europe and from Asia. Chinese laborers were brought in at an early date to work the Carbon County mines and railroads.

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By the late s, Italians and Austrians primarily Slovenians, Croatians, and Serbians began to arrive. In Helper's population was listed at people.

Sixteen different nationality groups were represented. After the unsuccessful coal miners' strike ofItalians, blacklisted from the mines at nearby Castle Gate, ventured into Helper to establish businesses and farms along the Price River.

The influx of strikers into Helper accelerated its growth, with the newly established farms offering needed agricultural products. The twentieth century was launched in Carbon County which had been formed in from Emery County in a shroud of uncertainty, largely due to the strike situation.

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Greek and Japanese immigrants were brought in to break the strike, and thus new ethnic groups came onto the scene. Helper, along with Price, was fast becoming the center of the Carbon County coalfields, providing service functions to the outlying camps.

A business directory listed sixteen separate businesses in Helper; by the number had grown to twenty-nine, with a population of about Helper townsite was regularly organized and incorporated in with a president of the town board and members of the board serving the community.

Helper's post office is one of three sites listed on the National Register of Historic Places By there were 71 businesses listed for Helper, with 84 inand for the years Many of Helper's business enterprises were associated with specific ethnic groups, but this fact illustrated the business opportunities then available in the town, enabling immigrants to "break the ranks of labor.

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English helper website

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